Did you know that I am a Mary Poppins? Well, I now know! I may be late to the game but on a recent episode of one of my favorite podcasts, the host was talking about her Enneagram number. A few days later, I was visiting with my sister who was telling me how she is learning about relating to people by understanding their enneagram number.

Now, if you know me then you know I believe in “signs” and I certainly don’t think everything is mere coincidence. The fact that two of my favorite people spoke about this in the course of a few days sent me into exploration mode to find out what all this means. I am still in the learning phase but I did take the test on the Enneagram Institute’s website (www.enneagraminstitute.com). My results show that I am Type 1, referred to as The Reformer.

A brief description of Type 1 describes me as conscientious and ethical, with a strong sense of right and wrong. Type Ones are always striving to improve things. We are well-organized, orderly and try to maintain high standards, but can easily slip into perfectionism. Type Ones basically desire to be good, to have integrity, to be balanced.

It further states that Ones have a “sense of mission” that leads us to want to improve the world. They strive to overcome adversity so that the human spirit can shine through and make a difference. My favorite named example of Type 1 is “Mary Poppins.” Mary Poppins is one of my all-time favorite people, real or fictional (which is why I am SO excited about a new Mary Poppins attraction coming to the re-imagined version of EPCOT). Mary Poppins is full of beautiful life-lessons about friendship, family and love. After all, she is “practically perfect in every way!”

Ones are people of practical action – we wish to be useful. We are people of instinct and passion who use convictions and judgments to control and direct ourselves and our actions.

Ones are extremely principled and always want to be fair. Truth and justice are our primary values. We have a sense of responsibility and of having a higher purpose. So, one might say I was born to do what I do. I truly feel like I can make the world a better place by sharing with others my love for a place where we are all our best selves and can celebrate happiness together.

There are some down-sides to being a Type One as you might imagine. We tend to be picky and judgmental so we have to conscientiously work on fighting that. We can also be OCD, which I already knew I am! The study suggests that Type Ones keep a journal and I am absolutely addicted to my morning routine with my devotional journal.

Isn’t it true that others can easily see in us what we can’t see in ourselves. I told my husband that the Enneagram test said that I am a perfectionist. He said, “Duh, ya think?” I didn’t know it. I knew I was an overachiever but overachiever is not the same as perfectionist. Overachievers want to complete a task on time every time whereas perfectionists want each task to be done right. I never thought I was both.

What is your Enneagram number? If you don’t know it do you want to find out? You can visit the Enneagram Institute’s website to take the test. Please come back and comment with your number so we can get to know each other better.

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