What Did Walt Disney Mean By Plussing?

walt with mickeys

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I absolutely love Walter Elias Disney. Walt was a brilliant man with strong conviction, the ability to influence life for the better, and he gave his whole heart to making the world a better place. He was a man after my own heart!

For Walt, good enough was not good enough. He never stopped at good enough or job well done. To Walt, if it was done right it needed to be pushed just past that. Walt called that “plussing.” That is one of the things I love most about him.

Walt never stopped at what the public expected. His goal was to give everyone more than they expected. He always found ways to “plus” the experience as he wanted people to have more than they anticipated. Disney historian, Les Perkins, recounted that a few years after Disneyland was built, Walt had decided to hold a Christmas parade at the new park at a cost of $350,000. Walt’s accountants approached him and besieged him to not spend money on an extravagant Christmas parade because the people would already be there. Nobody would complain, they reasoned, if they dispensed with the parade because nobody would be expecting it. Walt told his accountants, that “that was just the point.” “We should do the parade precisely because no one’s expecting it. Our goal at Disneyland is to always give the people more than they expect. As long as we keep surprising them, they will keep coming back. But if they ever stop coming, it will cost us ten times that much to get them to come back.”

With everything in life, we should ask ourselves, “Did I plus it?” If you plus life it will surely plus you. I believe you get what you give and Walt, over time, received fame and fortune for his efforts, even though his beginning years were full of hard lessons.

Somehow our society has turned into a “what’s in it for me” society. People seem to expect way too much and offer way too little. I prefer Walt’s  way. The next time you are at a Disney park just look around and appreciate what you see. You will never find another place like it, I can promise you, which ruins every other destination for people like me. I hope you will fall in love with a Disney destination soon too!


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