Top 5 Tips for Disney Bag Check


Every guest who visits the Disney parks with any type of bag must go through bag check before entering the gate. In order to try to help make the process a little easier for you, here are some helpful hints to save you some time and trouble.

Tip #1: Don’t fight it!

If you are carrying any bag, whether a small camera case or a backpack, you must go through bag check. Knowing this in advance will save you from having your magic ruined before entering the park.

Tip #2: Get ready!

It will be faster if you will go ahead and open your bag before getting to the security officer. You can help yourself, the security officer and everyone else waiting in line by prepping the bag completely. They must check every pocket of the bag, so go ahead and unzip, unvelcro and unbutton every pocket for ease of checking it. It saves time with the officer if you open all of them ahead of time.

Tip #3: Use both sides!

There are several lines at each entrance. Each line has a table with a security officer at the end. The lines form on both sides of the table and the officer checks bags in an alternating fashion on both sides. If you see that there are people only on one side, go to the empty side.

Tip #4. Be nice!

Be nice to the security officer. Most of them are very nice; rather like Disney greeters with an extra purpose. If someone happens to be having a bad day, just smile and say thank you. It just might turn their frown upside down.

Tip #5: Keep moving!

Please keep the line moving by going to the repacking table (just past the bag check) to repack any items that were moved or removed during the bag check. This will keep others from having to wait longer in line while you reorganize your things.

It is a little bit of a hassle having to go through bag check but that is our life nowadays so we might as well make the best of it. I like to feel safe at the parks and I am happy to know that your family will be safe as well. Being prepared will, hopefully, help to start your day of magic off right! Happy touring!:)


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