Thursday Thrills: Space Mountain

space mountain

Many years ago, when my sister and I visited the Magic Kingdom, we always started the day with rope drop. Yes, even as teens we would be at the park as soon as it opened, make a mad dash to the rope, wait patiently for rope drop, and then book it straight to Space Mountain.

I can still hear us:

“They’re getting ready to drop it…are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready!”

“Here it comes….GO! GO! GO!”

Space Mountain was our favorite ride back then. The most thrilling of all the rides at Magic Kingdom, bar none, and we loved it! It was impossible to ride without wasting hours of your day in line, unless you got there first thing. The ride has changed a lot since then, as we used to actually end up sitting in each other’s laps (ha), but 30+ years later, it remains an MK favorite to millions.

Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster in the dark that is themed after outer space. The outside of the mountain is a large, white futuristic building, as shown in my picture. Once you enter the building the line seems to go on FOREVER. It is a long path leading to the loading station, or Space Port. The recent renovation has included some interactive games in the queue to help pass the time.

Once you are at the Space Port, you will either be directed to the left side or the right side for loading. The left side track is called the Alpha and the right side track is called the Omega. Both of the tracks are nearly identical and offer the same thrilling ride. Space Mountain has 15 trains for each track, though only 13 are usually in operation at any given time.

The queue is beneath blue neon lights that illuminate the entire area.  Once at the front of the line (YEA!!!!), you are assigned your spot on the floor diagram for the 6 person rocket vehicle. The ride train consists of 2 cars, each holding 3 people in a single-file pattern (for the total of 6). T-bar securing devices hold you in.

Once you are secured into your seat, they start you on your blast off!

Pulling out of the loading station, you begin a steady climb up the 180-foot high mountain, passing the Mission Control booth and myriad pulsating lights along the way.  You then enter a tunnel of circular and flashing blue lights. Keep smiling now because your picture is taken at the beginning of the journey; and be aware that the flashing strobe used to illuminate you also dilates your eyes, making it more difficult for you to see in the dark.

During the ride, you can see shooting stars, celestial satellites, comets, meteors, and asteroids while shooting to the farthest reaches of time and space. There are dips and drops and twists and turns; and a great, wild, really fun ride. The exciting part of Space Mountain is that, because the ride is in the pitch dark, you never know which way to lean or when you might drop! Unbelievably, the maximum speed of the ride is just 28 miles per hour, but the darkness makes it seem much faster.

After exiting your rocket-vehicle, you can view your ride photo and, if you like it, can buy it at the adjacent Tomorrowland Video Arcade (unless you have purchased Memory Maker then there is no need). You will then board a moving runway to the Tomorrowland area where you will see some futuristic scenery along the way. You might even see someone that looks strangely familiar.

Ride Information

  • No service animals permitted.
  • Ride swap available.
  • Take note of several health risks.
  • Guests must transfer from motorized scooter to an available wheelchair, then from the wheelchair to the ride vehicle.
  • FAST PASS attraction.
  • Expectant mothers should not ride.
  • Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.
  • Height Requirement of 44 inches (112cm) or taller


A few funny warnings:

  • If you have a full bladder, definitely make a restroom stop before entering the line.
  • Take off hair scrunchies or you might very well lose them during the ride.
  • Don’t forget anything, such as a hat, that you decided to sit on during the ride for safe-keeping.
  • Don’t lift your arms up like on a normal roller coaster as you cannot see the height limits during the ride.
  • Have a blast and scream the whole time!


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