Sunset Seasons Greetings – This Year at Hollywood Studios

Sunset Seasons Greetings

If you’re a frequent visitor of Walt Disney World during the holidays then you probably loved the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. I’m sure you’d agree that Osborne was awesome! I really missed it last year; Hollywood Studios just wasn’t the same without it. This year, though, I’m happily hopeful for the new holiday celebration Disney has announced, Sunset Seasons Greetings.

Sunset Seasons Greetings will be held at Hollywood Studios on November 9-December 31, 2017. Decorating Sunset Boulevard and adding snow sounds pretty darn good to me. I’m looking forward to checking it out!

Here’s what the Disney site has to say about this brand new offering:

“As 2017 draws to a close, and night falls on Disney’s Hollywood Studios, an unforgettable scene starts to unfold for Guests of all ages. Billboards suddenly begin to move into motion and tell a tale, courtesy of iconic characters sharing their love for the season. All the while, the Hollywood Tower Hotel—a.k.a. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror—magically transforms, bringing to life the characters’ stories.

Disney character moments include:
  • Mickey and Minnie reminiscing about a hometown Christmas as the scene shifts into a romanticized, Norman Rockwell-inspired town—starting in black and white before slowly changing into color.
  • The Toy Story characters guessing which new toys are coming this Christmas as the scene becomes covered in holiday wrapping paper.
  • The Swedish Chef from The Muppets babbling as only he can while the scene turns into giant gingerbread houses.
  • And finally, Olaf pining over his holiday wish as iconic music plays and the scene freezes over into a Frozen winter wonderland—complete with dancing Aurora Borealis lights and projected falling snow.”

The picture on the site looks really good. I mean, I’m not expecting it to be like Osborne, and seriously what could ever replace Osborne? Still, I’m happy Disney is bringing some Christmas spirit back to the park this year.

What do you think of this? Are you looking forward to seeing what it’s all about too?


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