My Weekly Reset

weekly reset

Every Saturday evening I sit down in my office and do a Weekly Reset.  I turn on some music, close the door and focus on the upcoming week. My weekly reset sets me up to have a productive week ahead.

Several factors determine my schedule, primarily my job as an Authorized Disney Travel Agent and the schedules of my children as I provide childcare for my granddaughters as you will see later.

There are 7 main steps to my Weekly Reset. These are outlined below:

Step 1: Meal Planning

Taking the time to meal plan once a week saves me so much time and trouble when life gets busy. I don’t have to try to figure out what to make for dinner. More importantly, I don’t end up just picking up fast food or ordering in. So it really helps me to stick with my budget too. Here is how I meal plan:

I have a Dinner Meals / Shopping List spreadsheet that I use (shown above). It contains about 30 meals that I frequently make. It also contains a shopping list of the ingredients for all of the meals. 

My meals are categorized into Oven, Stovetop, Slow Cooker and Air Fryer. I did this to help choose meals based upon my schedule for that day. For instance, on the days that I keep Luna all day, it’s pretty much a given that I won’t be able to cook a casserole that involves several steps. A baby generally requires a bit more attention. For these days, I will normally choose a Slow Cooker meal that I can start in the morning before she arrives.

The first thing I do is decide on the meals I want to make for the week. For each day, I highlight the meals on the list that I want to make for the week. I then write the meal selections into the blocks for that week on my Meal Prep Planner. I keep the pages of my Meal Prep Planner in a binder so I can refer back to them. This keeps me from duplicating recipes too often and also helps me if I just want to repeat an entire week of meals sometime down the road. I also post this week’s meals on my dry erase board which I keep inside the door of my pantry for convenience.

Step 2: Prepare Grocery List

The second step of my Weekly Reset is preparing my grocery list.
Preparing my meal plan makes it super easy to create my shopping list. Once I have highlighted the ingredients I need for my meal plan, I just add in other things we need for the household.

Step 3: Grocery Shopping

Step 3 of my Weekly Reset is grocery shopping. I must fully own that I have stopped grocery shopping at the store. Using Clicklist or Shipt to either pick up my groceries or have them delivered to my home has been a godsend. I am in love with the convenience and this keeps me from buying anything extra that I don’t need, which is great for someone on a budget.

Step 4: Organizing the fridge

The next step of my Weekly Reset is organizing the fridge. After I pick up the groceries or receive them at home, I make sure that the fridge is organized and add the new items to the appropriate places. I use bins in my pantry so that is super easy and needs no further organization, but the fridge seems to get discombobulated throughout the week so I make sure it is organized for the week.

Step 5: Setting Up for Meal Prep

Step 5 is setting up for meal prep. I keep the recipes in the front of my binder or put an asterisk next to the meal name if the recipe is saved in my phone and not a paper copy. I make my meal prep checklist at this time. Meal prep for me is mostly things like cutting up a rotisserie chicken and placing it in containers, washing fruits and placing them in containers, boiling eggs, pre-cutting veggies and placing them in baggies, etc. Pretty easy stuff to save me time later.

Step 6: Decorating My Planner

The next step of my Weekly Reset is decorating my planner. My planner is full of post it notes so when it comes time to decorate for the next week, I replace the post its with stickers or handwritten notes. I choose the color scheme I want and then pull the washi and stickers I’ll need to decorate. This is my only creative outlet so I really love decorating my planner, and I love staying organized.

Step 7: Making a List of Special To-Dos

The final step of my Weekly Reset is making my special to-do list. I don’t always have special to-dos but this involves things like being on the lookout for decorations for one of the girls’ birthdays or watching for deals on items for an upcoming trip, etc. I note these on a list to carry with me through the week.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my Weekly Reset. Do you do some type of weekly reset too? I would love to hear about how you organize your week so please share in the comments section below.

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