My Favorite Things for October

Welcome to another month of favorites. Each month I highlight my favorite products or other finds for that month. My favorites for the month of October are my Christmas planner, my Vacation Layout printable and my latest read, Essentialism, by Greg McKeown.

After giving up on the dream that Erin Condren might release a Christmas planner, I searched the internet for one that I thought might work for me. I found my current Christmas Planner on Amazon. After doing a lot of research I felt like this was going to be the most useful for me.

It includes: undated 3 Months At-a-Glance Calendar, Weekly To Do Lists, To Do Checklists, Holiday Budget, Christmas Card Planner, Gift Giving Planners, Shopping Lists, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tracker, Online Shopping Tracker, Party Planning Sheets for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Menu Planner & Grocery List. It is 80 pages and paperback so it’s an easy grab and go book for what I’m shopping. I am loving it already!

My second favorite find this month is my Vacation Planning printable. I found this at and printed it 10 times for the number of days I will be on vacation.

Each page has details for one day of my December trip and I have been working on my agenda. When I am planning my vacations it’s not the same as planning for my guests. I have to include things that I need to research while I am there and there are a lot of spaces for notes on the sheet. I am really loving both the look and functionality of this printable.

My latest read is a book called Essentialism, by Greg McKeown. So much of the content in this book resonates with me. It discusses the priority in your life and the things that are important. Each person decides on what is the most important thing in his or her life. For me, it is family!

There are great quotes in this book such as, “Don’t be so busy capturing the surroundings, food, etc. and miss capturing what’s really essential.” This is me. I really need to be more mindful of this advice, especially when I’m taking pictures of my food!

Thanks for joining me for my October faves. Let me know in the comments what your favorite things were this month.

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