Moments with Mimi: My Play-Doh Princess

Aleyah with playdoh

There are so many different activities around for children these days. I don’t know how your kids like to spend most of their time, but Aleyah absolutely adores Play-doh. She not only likes playing with it, but she even loves to watch other children playing with it on YouTube. She knows just about every set made and enjoys videos showing the product announcements and “how-to-use” videos. She cracks me up!

This past Monday, I decided that she deserved a new Play-doh set so I took her to pick one out in the store. She chose this Doc McStuffins set. THAT IS MY DISNEY GIRL — no coaxing from Mimi. It is a really cute set, I must say. It is small but she makes a wide variety of things with it.

DocMcStuffins Playdoh


HERE, Aleyah talks about the components of the set and how she plans to create her masterpieces.


It is so much fun watching her with her Play-doh sets. She has several, so she starts with one and maps out her plan for the order in which she will do all of them once and then she starts over again and does each one a second time. She never tires of it.

This is just one of the activities that makes our time together special, as she only plays with Play-doh on our one-on-one days together. On days that I need to work on my clients’ trips, I can sit at the table with her and use my laptop while she creates her masterpieces. It works out great and we both enjoy all of the treasures she creates. We are going to celebrate National Play-Doh day BIG on September 16, 2015.

What types of toys/games/play are your little ones interested in these days?

Thanks for reading and have a Disney day!



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