Moments with Mimi: Happy 1st Birthday, McKinley!

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It is hard to believe our “Little Bitty” McKinley Grace turns 1-year-old today! Happy 1st birthday to my precious little princess!!! This past Saturday, we celebrated big and, of course, took lots of pictures. It was a Minnie Mouse-themed party — what better kind for a 1-year-old?


My party started about an hour before everyone else’s. Luckily, as her Mimi and primary caregiver, as mom and dad both work full-time, I had the honors of putting her down for her nap before the party festivities were to begin. I took her bottle and my precious little angel for a little quiet time and within minutes she was sleeping like an angel, arms up and legs apart with feet touching…she is just so cute. I don’t know the last time you were able to watch your precious little one sleep but I watch her sleep everyday and I never grow tired of it (pardon the pun). There is just something about a peacefully sleeping baby to set the world in balance.

After a time, mommy came in to get the big girl dressed for her party. In her pretty little Minnie dress with red tutu and a big “1” across the front, she was ready to greet her guests.

party dress

It wasn’t long before her extra large Minnie balloon caught her eye. Oh, a punching bag, yay!!! She hit at it and laughed and laughed; she is such a happy baby.

balloon bop2

balloon bop1

hold me mimi

After a few minutes she reached that little arm out for me and no matter how many times a day she reaches for me it melts my heart. More sweet snuggles as we waited for the party to get into full swing.

All the decorations were red, black and white Minnie-themed, with a little bit of Mickey thrown in for good measure. It was really cute and festive.

minnie decor

There were Disney character masks for each child to color and even a “pin the bow on Minnie” game.

mask table pin bow on minnie

All the guests were treated to burgers and fixins and specially-decorated cupcakes.


McKinley had her very own special little cake too. Covered in thick red icing, it had “mess” written all over it. Mesmerized by the candle, we waited quite a while before she actually tried to blow out the candle. Big sis, Aleyah, helped with that.

mesmerizedLike a proper little princess, she took a dainty bite of icing.

dainty biteThen her mom showed her how a smash cake is really supposed to work. Oh…

mommy put the hand in it

Within a few minutes she looked like a country girl who tried to put on red lipstick on a bumpy dirt road…bless her sweet little heart!

lipstick mess up

She received so many gifts there was barely room to move. Still, she did manage to pose for me one more time…my sweet little bitty!

so many presents

The party was a lot of fun. I am so grateful that there are so many family and friends who love our sweet little angel. We affectionately call McKinley our miracle baby. Many of you who have followed this blog for a while know that McKinley is a twin.


She was welcomed into the loving arms of her parents and family. Her brother, Gunner Lawrence, went straight to the arms of our Heavenly Father. Saturday was a celebration of Gunner as well.


After the party, mom, dad, Aleyah and McKinley went outside to send Gunner a special gift. A new tradition for the family will be to send balloons to Gunner every year as they all celebrate McKinley’s birth and the future of holding that precious boy in our arms.

before balloon release getting ready to release balloons

balloon launch balloons going balloons far

It was such a sweet gesture, and I am so glad I was able to be there for it. Small things keep us close to him in our hearts everyday. Today is no exception. To my precious Gunner Lawrence, Mimi loves you my sweet angel. I long for the day that I can hold you tightly and we can snuggle up together.

To McKinley Grace, I wish you a happy, happy 1st birthday my banana-lovin’, snuggle bug. When you smile at me so widely with those twinkling eyes, I can almost feel the love oozing from your entire being — a true and precious blessing. I feel the same way about you!!

Love is what life’s all about, isn’t it?

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