Extra Magic Hours for Disney Resort Guests

disney world extra magic hours

One of the best perks about staying at a Disney resort is extra magic hours. On certain days of the week, one of the parks will open one hour early or stay open two hours late for Disney resort guests. This is a great opportunity to enjoy more fun! Depending upon your family’s dynamic, one of these options should be taken advantage of as often as possible.

If you have young children, I recommend extra MORNING hour. They’re usually up early anyway, so why not take advantage of it? For families with tweens, teens and adults, I definitely recommend EVENING extra magic hours. If there is one thing most teenagers enjoy, whether at home or on vacation, it’s being able to sleep late. Going to the park later in the morning or in the afternoon and staying after many people have left the park is the way to go!

Check the park hours online to find out about extra magic hours during your trip (or just ask me if you are booked with me).

Extra magic hours are a great perk! Taking advantage of extra magic hours saves you both time and money – two important commodities on a Disney trip.

Pro Tip: If you’re taking advantage of extra magic hours then choose that park for that day. If you don’t plan to take advantage of extra magic hours at the park where it’s offered that day, avoid that park.

Some Disney Springs resorts are also able to participate in extra magic hours at certain times. Check with me if you are interested in this option.

I would love the opportunity to help you make the most of your time at the parks. Contact me today for a free quote.

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