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If you’ve ever booked a Disney vacation with me, you’ve likely heard me use the phrase, “Don’t be married to your resort.” I don’t remember when I started saying that or how I came up with the phrase. I don’t even know if I have ever heard anyone else use it. The point I am making is for my guests to not be overly committed to the resort they choose.

I know that a great deal of thought goes into choosing your resort. I also know that there are specific reasons you chose it. Maybe it’s the fact that you want to stay as economically as possible but your kids enjoy having a waterslide in the pool so you chose a moderate property. Perhaps you chose Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort because you visited Hawaii once and you want the feel of that memory. Or, maybe you just wanted to go so badly but really couldn’t afford it, so you chose the most economical room that would fit your family of 6. Whatever the reason, I get it.

I have my favorite resorts too. And it would be a sad, sad day that you took my magicband from my cold dead hand if I had to give up my room at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club during EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival. BUT, if your goal, is to save money or get the most for your dollars, you might be faced with a big decision — whether or not to change resorts.

Discounts released by Disney don’t always benefit every guest. There are several reasons for this: your resort may not be included in the discount; your room-type might not be available at your resort with the discount; you could save money by moving to another resort in the same category; or you may even find yourself with an opportunity to upgrade to a higher resort category for not much more money. During the latest Disney discount release, I had guests who fell into each of these categories.

I was able to help each family, but in different ways. One of my guests had booked a room at one of the resorts that had no availability at all with the discount. I was able to move them to a room at another resort in the same category and save them hundreds of dollars.

Another guest had booked rooms at a moderate resort. Some rooms at the resort qualified for the discount but the rooms were in a more expensive category, so the guests were not going to save a tremendous amount of money, even though they would have the room upgrade. This particular guest was paying for several rooms and the upgraded location was not something they had wanted. I priced another resort in the same category and was able to save them over $1000.

One of my families was unable to save as the moderate resort room they were booked into didn’t qualify for the discount. I priced out other moderates and didn’t find a comparable alternative. So, I decided to price Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge just to see. They were able to upgrade from a moderate to this deluxe property for a total of only $43 more for their entire stay.

There are many different ways to try to maneuver the discounts. I always price all the options to try to find the best one for my guests. The point is that the more flexible you are, the more flexibility I have when acting on your behalf. I know there are instances when a guest will not want to move no matter what the deal. If that is the case, I note it in the file and I respect that decision.

This is a great example of why it is important to have an agent working on your behalf. I am always happy to help my guests however I can, any time I can.

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