Disney’s Unique Code Offers

Unique Code offers are circulating and they’re delivering miles of smiles to the faces of families all over. I had two guests contact me this week that were able to save hundreds of dollars on their next vacation.

If you receive mail in your mailbox from Disney or an email from Disney Destinations, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY NOR DELETE THE MESSAGE! Chances are good that you have received a coveted Unique Code offer. If that is the case, you might have an opportunity for a great deal on a magical Disney vacation. So, what is a Unique Code offer and how might you get one? I’ll be happy to tell you.

What is a Unique Code offer? 

If you have not heard about these gems, they are called “unique code” offers because the offer displays an alphanumeric code which identifies the guest for which the offer was intended. These offers are redeemable only by the person to whom they are sent.

The current ones floating around are for Spring travel and cover the period of March-June 2020. They are not widely received so you should consider yourself to be lucky to receive one.

Why are Unique Codes important? 

These offers are important because they may be the only discount available at certain times, or they might be better than the discounts offered to the general public during your planned visit date.

Often the codes are precursors to discounts planned for the general public later on, but because you received yours first, your chance of getting the rate you want during your visit is better.

Who receives these offers?

The current offers are enticing guests who haven’t visited in a while to come back for a visit this Spring. There may be others as well, but this is the one I have seen from my guests.

What should you do if you receive one? 

If you receive one of these offers, contact me right away and I will check on the offer for you. You can book it even if you are not exactly positive about your dates. Your reservation can always be modified at a later date, especially if an even better discount becomes available. Please be aware that when you book your reservation you will be expected to pay a $200 deposit.

The UNIQUE code offer isn’t ALWAYS better than the current specials but it is ALWAYS worth a phone call to find out. You will discover that it is usually a great deal and you should feel privileged.

How will you receive it? 

Sometimes Unique Code offers are mailed in the form of a postcard, but sometimes they are sent in the form of an email. Regarding US Mail, the most important rule is this: NEVER throw away anything you receive from Disney until you have read the offer, including the fine print, very carefully. Regarding email, unique code offers will come from Disney Destinations. Be sure to check your SPAM folder periodically as some systems block messages from the site.

What if you accidentally throw away or delete your offer? 

If this happens, don’t panic. Just call Disney reservations at (407) 939-7675 and ask the representative if there is a unique code attached to your name. Should the representative tell you she can’t look it up, hang up and call back. The reps do have this information but they cannot offer it to guests unless they are asked, even if you are booking a reservation.

What if it is mailed to your former address? 

Keep your information current at Disney.com. If you have recently moved and your offer goes to someone else at your old address, they cannot use it but neither can you (unless you are friends and they call you to pick it up). If you lived with a relative and your relative receives a unique code addressed to you, only you can use it. You can get your address updated but the reservations can only be made under the name of the person to which the unique code notification is addressed.

How can you get a unique code? 

As I stated above, the current Unique Code offers are being sent to welcome guests back who haven’t visited in a while. Assuming that is the case, here are some tips that might help you to get your hands on one of these valuable treasures:

  • Create a Disney.com account for each of your email addresses at MyDisneyExperiece.com and, while doing so, check the boxes under “Free Notification Service” to get news and offers.
  • Keep your profile information updated at all times.
  • Go into your profile on MyDisneyExperience.com and under “Places to Stay” create a dream vacation package or room-only reservation, then exit before booking. A pop-up window will come up and ask you why you are not booking, on which you should answer, “the price was too high and there were no discounts.”
  • Under your profile, request the FREE Vacation Planning DVD.
  • Add Disney Destinations to your email contacts list
  • Sign up for Disney Movie Rewards.

Setting up a new account doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a code, but it surely means you might, and it never hurts to try.

Good luck to you!

Let me sprinkle some pixie dust on your next vacation. Contact me at Brenda@pixievacations.com and let’s start planning your dream vacation today!

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