Disney Fun: Playing Fairy Godmother

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Traveling to Disney with Aleyah and McKinley is so much fun. No matter how many times I have visited Walt Disney World, I get to relive first reactions to all things Disney during our trips. Seeing everything through new eyes makes me very happy and being able to share these times with them is priceless.

One of the most fun things I get to do is play Fairy Godmother. Their mom and I buy lots of special little surprises before the trip to give them as “gifts from their Fairy Godmother.” After they go to bed with mom and dad, I stay up and leave their gifts out for the next morning. When they come out of their room, they get to see what the Fairy Godmother left them that night and everyone gets the joy of hearing all about what special surprises she leaves for them.

Fairy Godmother gifts can be all kinds of things. Some of the items we buy include: stickers, tattoos, activity books, lipgloss, make up set, books, toothbrush, bracelets, sunglasses, tumbler with straw, pencils, barretts and other hair accessories, a princess hairbrush (very handy if she has a BBB appointment that day as you must take your own hairbrush with you), jewelry sets, tiara (for meeting princesses that day), special treats, and magicband accessories. Here are some that I have purchased.






Of course, the age and sex of the child, as well as the budget, dictates one’s choices. More expensive items would be: princess or pirate costumes, wands, real tiara, a purse or wallet, or even a new camera. For babies, gifts like rattles, keys or stuffed Mickey babies are good. For pre-teen special dolls are a great gift as well.

You can buy these items just about anywhere. The stores where I frequently shop include Dollar stores, Toys R Us, Target, party stores, and just about any department stores. I look for deals (especially $1 bins) and stock up. I have a special hiding place for all the treasures. When shopping, don’t forget that will need to pack these gifts (without little eyes seeing) so you might want to keep them small. Another very important point to remember is that, if you will be visiting Disney again, you are setting a precedent so you might not want to go overboard with these gifts.

I love leaving these items for Aleyah and McKinley.  It builds the excitement of seeing their reaction. I also love hearing them telling me all about it the next morning as if I have absolutely no idea what has happened. They are such a joy!

Are you playing Fairy Godmother soon? I sure hope so.



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