Disney Fantasy Cruise Report – Day 1

Teminal sign

An Early Start

We had to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to get showered and ready, finish packing last minute items, and be at Houston Hobby Airport to check in for our flight by 5:00 a.m. As usual, I didn’t sleep much as I was worried about not hearing the alarm or the alarm not going off…you know how that is.

We arrived on time, checked our bags and then waited about 25 minutes to board the plane. We always fly Southwest so we had to line up for our boarding number and choose seats when we got onboard. We were B28 and B29 so we figured the seats with more leg room would be gone. Low and behold, our blessings were flowing as the aisle and middle seats in the front row of the plane were empty. We sat down next to a guy named, Pablo. Pablo was a great guy who works for Southwest and he was on his way from his home airport to see his girlfriend. He is so proud of the company for which he works and he was so knowledgeable about all the Southwest processes; he was truly a joy to talk to and after talking Southwest for the first 50 minutes, he and my hubby moved onto the subject of sports for the next hour. It was a great flight — just flew by (pardon the pun) which is awesome for Butch as he really doesn’t like flying.

Once we landed at Orlando International Airport, we went to Baggage Claim to retrieve our bags and then we met Jose, our driver with Happy Limousine. Another great big personality this morning, Jose was a great conversationalist with an awesome sense of humor. We talked all the way to Port Canaveral and then he left us at what would be our home for the next 7 nights — the Disney Fantasy.



We gave our bags to the steward at the sidewalk and went to the Disney terminal to check in and wait to board. We went through Security and then checked in at the Castaway Club desk. We were in Boarding Group 20.

We waited in the terminal, met some really nice people (I’m looking at you Matt and Maria, grandpa and grandma), took some photos and our excitement was building exponentially. Then, our number was called at around 12:30 p.m.

Upon our welcome, we were directed to the Enchanted Garden for lunch. By the time we ate, it was time to go check out our stateroom.

This trip was our first cruise in an inside stateroom. Our room was on Deck 5. Before this, we have always stayed in staterooms with a veranda on Deck 6, 7 or 8. Since there were only two of us and we had such a great price savings, we didn’t mind the inside stateroom at all. The virtual porthole was fantastic! Some of the time it displays special Disney tidbits, like Tinkerbell and other characters, while other times it is fed actual data from the camera mounted outside the ship. It really helped us to not feel chlostrophobic. The room was plenty big for the two of us.

We stayed in the room and unpacked some of our things and then we decided to attend the DVC members presentation. The presentation was all about buying more points. We received a car magnet and two great mugs for showing up and we used these throughout our cruise.

DVC mugs

After the DVC presentation, it was time for the Mandatory Guest Assembly Drill at 4:00.

The Sailing Away Deck Party with Mickey and the gang started at 4:30 p.m. so we went up to Deck 11 and joined in the fun. We waved goodbye to all the landlubbers who were waving us off and slowly sailed away.

leaving the dock on the disney fantasy

At 6:15 p.m. was A Fantasy Come True show. It was a great show! Then, we found some comfy chairs in the adult-only area on deck and relaxed until dinner.

Dinner on Day 1 was in the Royal Court. You can read all about my unique dining adventures here. After dinner, we went back to our stateroom and finished unpacking before preparing for bed. After such an early morning, we CRASHED!

Thanks for reading – more to come…

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