Can We Please Put “Walt” Back Into Disney?

walt with mickeys

To use the words of  Floyd Norman, Disney Animation Legend,

“Walt Disney was a simple farm boy whose scrappy determination helped him realize the American dream. He was an entertainer, visionary and an idealist. He loved people and was free of pretension. Walt Disney was authentic. He was everything good about the common man.”

These simply-stated facts about Walt Disney are many of the reasons I have loved and studied this great man throughout my life. Walt wanted every family to come to Disneyland, have fun together and be happy, and then to take that happy spirit back to their communities. It meant so much to him for families to enjoy the experience together that he even stood at the exit of Disneyland each evening in order to ask the guests if they had a good time.

Disneyland was never intended to be about charging families more than they can afford to visit the parks. When he dreamed of building Walt Disney World, it was never about money either. Walt’s dream was so much deeper and more wonderful than that. His dream was something to be honored and deeply appreciated.

Those of us who love Disney – the real definition of Disney – want Walt put back into the parks. We don’t want classes separated and families complaining about the cost of a soda. We want every family to go to the park, spend quality time together, and then to take that joy back to their communities – thus fostering a better world for us all.

We want Walt’s dream!!! That is why I do what I do – out of love for Disney! It means so much to me to help families have a magical time together, as time together is in such short-supply nowadays. Every family should be able to visit the Happiest Place on Earth.

Please put “Walt” back into Disney!

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