31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip – Day 6: Quick-Service Dining Tips


Quick-service dining is a great dining option for families on the go. No reservations are required and the food selection is really pretty good. When visiting quick-service restaurants, guests paying out of pocket can choose anything they’d like. Guests on the Quick-Service Dining Plan can order one entree, one dessert and one non-alcoholic drink as a meal. Guests on the Quick-Service Dining Plan receive 2 quick-service credits per person, per night (as well as 1 snack credit per person per night and a refillable mug to use at your resort). I wanted to share a few tips with you today about quick-service dining. I hope you will find the tips helpful, especially if you will be purchasing the dining plan.

The Lines

Quick-service dining locations have several lines. A few locations have certain lines for certain menu selections, but most don’t. The restaurants that do have different sections for different menu items are well-marked with signage.

Look around and pick the shortest line for the meal you want. The cashiers take orders from both sides of the register, alternating left and right. Many times, the cashier on the far right or far left has a single line on the inside.


There are many quick-service dining locations around the parks, at Disney Springs, and at the Disney resorts. In fact, if the Magic Kingdom quick-service locations are crazy busy at lunch time, you might think about taking a short monorail jaunt over to one of the great quick-service restaurants on the monorail route. Contempo Café at Disney’s Contemporary is a favorite of mine; Captain Cook’s at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is also great. If the line for the RESORT MONORAIL is long, you can also take the boat to one of these resorts, or even to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and have a great quick-service meal at the Roaring Fork.

Savings Tips for All

In the parks, Sunshine Seasons and Electrical Umbrella at EPCOT, Tortuga Tavern and Be Our Guest lunch in Magic Kingdom, Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios and Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom have drink refill stations for free refills.

Both Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and Pecos Bill in the Magic Kingdom have topping bars for your burgers. You can add value to your meal big time by piling that burger high with lettuce, pickles, mushrooms, etc.

Dining Plan Tips

It’s important to realize that while each person has the above noted credits for each night, you are by no means REQUIRED to use them that way. In other words, if on one day you plan to have 2 table-service meals, you can bank the quick-service credits to use another day. Likewise, you can use 1 quick-service credit and 3 snack credits one day if you wish. You receive your total number of credits at check-in; however you choose to use them is up to you entirely.

Consider sharing meals. Sharing affords you more opportunities to dine each day if you don’t eat much at a setting. You will find that the quick-service meals are a good amount of food. Consider also getting dessert to go, or getting fresh fruit or a muffin as a healthy snack for later or for breakfast the next day.

Credits for quick-service meals differ from those of table-service meals in that the credit is the same whether the meal is for an adult or a child. This means you can order a regular, adult-size meal for your child. If your child is a big eater, this gives them enough to eat. If your child isn’t a big eater, two children can share the meal.

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, you can order a regular OR a large fountain drink at quick-service locations. The default is regular, so make sure to specify that you want the large if that is the case.

Choose the most expensive meal you like. Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom has a Full Rack of Ribs meal and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Magic Kingdom has 1/2 Chicken PLUS BBQ Rib Plate. These meals are large enough to feed a really hungry adult, or to share between 2 adults.

Use your quick-service credits for lunch or dinner meals rather than breakfast. The cost of a breakfast is going to be less expensive than a lunch or dinner meal nearly every time.


There is a learning curve when dining at the Walt Disney World Resort. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at Brenda@pixievacations.com.


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