31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip: Day 30 – Fun Ride Secrets


There are many hidden secrets all around Walt Disney World. Disney Imagineers are a rare breed and you can imagine that their quirky personalities might spill over into little extra fun added to the rides and attractions. This is not limited to the large number of Hidden Mickeys around the parks but includes special secrets on rides as well.

Today, I am covering only a few of these hidden secrets. If you know of more, please share here.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: If you look on the wall on the left side as you exit, you can see Tinkerbell’s silhouette. It’s between 2 metal carts and behind a cactus. Have you seen it?

Carousel of Progress: Have you seen the photo of Walt Disney in the upper left corner of the 1940’s daughter’s room? How about any Hidden Mickeys in the scenes, such as in the final (Christmas) scene? There is the Mickey nutcracker on the fireplace mantle, Mickey peeking out from the present, and the white peppermill on the kitchen counter. Did you also see an abstract painting of him on the dining room wall?

Expedition Everest: In the area right before you enter the ride, you will see a hidden Buzz Lightyear doll.

Haunted Mansion: This ride is full of goodies, but you may have spotted the Hidden Mickey made out of one of the place settings on the dining room table. Did you see it?

Magic Carpets of Aladdin: Beware of the camel in front of the ride; he spits water at unsuspecting visitors.

Pirates of the Caribbean: In the beach scene at the beginning, one of the skeletons is wearing an old Jungle Cruise costume.

Splash Mountain: During the Laughing Place scene, a gopher pops out and shouts “FSU” for Florida State University.

The Great Movie Ride: There are two versions of the ride: one with gangsters and one with cowboys. If you want to see one or the other, ask the cast member (although at quiet times only one show may be operating).

Walt Disney One Man’s Dream: a very sad note — the clock is stopped at the time that Walt Disney was pronounced deceased — the world would never be the same:(

Thanks for joining me today. Tomorrow is our last tip from this series. I hope you’ll join us.


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