31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip: Day 29 – Characters in Character


Characters at Walt Disney World are so much more than just guys, girls, men and women dressed in costumes for pictures and autographs. Disney characters are exactly that! If you see a character like Drizella or Mary Poppins or Anna, ask them a question about their movie and they will go right into character. This is just one more thing that sets Disney apart from other destinations.

Cast members in character add so much to the interaction between the character and your little one. I have seen children whom I could tell were completely enamored by a character, or who knew a movie inside and out, and could keep the dialog going for a long time. To them, interacting with the “real character” is what their dreams have been made of and really makes their trip special.

If you can’t think of anything to ask, here are just a few ideas:

Anastasia and Drizella: Tell them they should be nicer to Cinderella or ask them when Cindy will be coming, or offer your son to marry one of them.

Anna and Elsa: Ask them if they want to build a snowman, ask if Olaf’s hugs are really warm, or ask how many chocolate cakes they get for each birthday.

Ariel: ask if you can become a mermaid, or if she has tried rollerskating yet.

Aurora: call her Briar Rose and ask what her favorite dress color is.

Belle: greet her with Bonjour!, ask her what she thinks of Gaston.

Donald Duck: call him Daffy Duck “by mistake.”

Mary Poppins: ask her what her favorite tea is and how to prepare it.

Mickey: tell him that you think Minnie is the most beautiful girl in the world, ask him where Toodles is.

These are but a few suggestions. I am sure you can think of many more great ones yourself. If you do, post them here please. There is so much more to Disney than just what meets the eye. Try this during your next visit.


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