10 (Disney-related) Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

10 things most people don't know

I follow several bloggers and podcasts. I am a loyal fan! One of the things I really love reading and hearing about are posts that allow me to learn more about the people I follow. Inspired by their posts, I am sharing some things here that most people don’t know about me.

Here are 10 (Disney- or job-related) things you may or may not know about me:

  1. I have a stationery fetish. I have more than the normal amount of necessary Disney journals, notebooks, folders, etc. They make me feel happy when I use them and I can’t pass them by in the store.
  2. I use glue sticks. I’m allergic to the gummy part of envelopes so I use glue sticks to seal them. If you have ever received a thank you note or other mail from me I sealed it with a glue stick.
  3. I hate the Astro Orbiter. I am terrified of heights. Going up an elevator to ride a ride that goes up in the air when already on the top of a building is out of the question!
  4. A theme park view room at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is my favorite room of my lifetime. I have the most wonderful memories from trips in those rooms!
  5. I can’t stand the Genie song from Aladdin, “Never Had A Friend Like Me.” It plays in a loop when I’m on hold with Disney and I can’t stand it!
  6. I collect snowglobes. I have many special Disney-themed ones. They make me smile!
  7. I experienced adult-onset food allergies — a lot of them — and I really miss spaghetti sauce (which I had every single Sunday for most of my life). Via Napoli at EPCOT has literally saved my sanity with their Quattro Formaggi pizza which is to die for and has no red sauce!
  8. I love the Carousel of Progress. It makes me feel close to Walt Disney, whom I truly love and respect with all my heart!
  9. I love many of the themed popcorn buckets in the parks but I’m allergic to popcorn. I hate the thought of wasting it. So, I sometimes offer strangers free popcorn and I keep the bucket.
  10. I collect Disney pins. They all represent a special memory. I have 172 of them. That’s 172 specific Disney memories…and I don’t have a pin for every Disney memory.

What are some little known facts about you that you are willing to share with me? I’d love to read about them in the comments below.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Can I help you with planning your magical Disney vacation? Contact me anytime at Brenda@pixievacations.com.

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DeAnna Welch
DeAnna Welch

1) I was married at Disney World. 2) I, too am terrified of the Astro Orbiter. Rode that thing once at 12 years old, and felt like I was about to fly out of there, and I’m not afraid of heights! 3) I recently purchased something I’m so excited about. An original canvas painting of Maleficent, done by a real Disney artist, who worked on The Emperor’s New Groove, along with MANY others. 4) O’Hana is my family’s “Have to” every trip. 5) I once spent my birthday in Cinderella’s castle….for lunch…as an adult. 6) My fave ride is Rock… Read more »


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